How many times have you worried and stressed about an impending situation and later realized that you had no reason to worry at all. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed at the time you were doing all of that worrying. We often find ourselves in that predicament when we decide to experience new things and grow in any area of our lives.

When we look at the prospect of starting or building new businesses, we often imagine this huge giant in front of us. Many see something that is insurmountable in their minds. I once had those same thoughts. But then a funny thing happened. I realized that while I was staring at the perceived insurmountable giant, businesses were constantly being built and ideas were being developed. So I thought to myself, how can this be happening with this giant in the way?

I slowly began to recognize that these businesses and ideas were being developed by people who did not see the perceived insurmountable giant in front of them. These people were making decisions to act on their vision for their businesses and ideas by looking straight through the giant that was in front of them. Now I have been blessed to have the opportunity to advise and work alongside some great business leaders and thinkers who are entrepreneurial. In every scenario, there has always seemed to be this common trait of being able to see through the giant, focus on their vision, and be relentless at doing everything possible to see their vision become a reality.

Why does this seem so hard for some, but seemingly come much easier for others? Do they possess special talents and gifts that allow them to do this? I think talents and gifts are important, but I think we all have our own unique talents and gifts, so that can’t be it. Do they have some supernatural ability to see through obstacles? Since we are all human beings I thought that to be unlikely.

The truth is that these individuals did not see through the giant at all. They simply realized that the giant wasn’t real. The giant was only a reflection of what was inside of them. The giant was their fears, their negative thoughts, their doubts, their lack of knowledge, and their lack of hope. So the giant is only an illusion. It can only show itself if you allow those thoughts and mindsets that impede your progress to take control of you.

Let’s build our confidence, our knowledge, and our passion so we can remove the illusion of the giant and see the great vision for businesses and ideas that are truly inside of us. Join me at my Empowerment Session at Megafest 2013 to get the information you need to build your confidence, your knowledge, and your passion. It’s not as hard as you think!


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  1. Kayode Sangotayo says:

    it is quite encouraging and amazing with these word of wisd

  2. Elder Tarra W Reown says:

    Giants do fall down. There is nothing too hard for our God! My situation has lied to me. I know there’s more and God will use what I have left to produce greatness. Bishop Jakes shared in a recent sermon the same words my mother told me before she died. “You are Exceptional!” I believe God!

    God put in my spirit to “Dream Until I Scream!” There is no time for small stinking Thinking! We serve a Big God who does big and mighty things. I have been a midwife helping others to push out their dreams. It’s my time to “Dream until I Scream!” I am Expecting, MyAnyDayNow! My giant is only a reflection of what’s inside of me. Awesome!!!!!

    Tarra Rx Total Transformational Touch
    Radiance & Inspirational

  3. Ariyana Demi says:

    Compelling & thought-provoking! Thank you for your insight and expertise I definitely plan to purchase your book to help me along my journey to pursue my dreams and aspirations to become an entrepreneur…

  4. Rex Allen Jones II says:

    Thanks for your speech and signing my book at Mega Fest. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Great Article

    Giants when running a business (notes from speech at Mega Fest)

    1) Lack of Passion
    2) Business Plan
    3) Hopelessness
    4) Doubt
    5) Manage Operations
    6) Fear Factor


    Rex Jones II
    Potters House brother

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