The Entrepreneur in You

On February 21, 2013, in business, business strategy, Entrepreneurship, by darwinbruce

I have read so many articles and books that discuss what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They list several characteristics that an entrepreneur generally possesses. They guide you in determining whether you fit the profile of a true entrepreneur. I believe there is some relevance to the information these publications produce. However, I do not agree that a person should limit their entrepreneurial potential to the factors and characteristics generally understood to be related to entrepreneurial success.

On the contrary, I believe each and every one of us has the capacity to be entrepreneurial. It first starts with understanding the true definition of entrepreneurship. Most people identify and define entrepreneurship as small business alone. Small business is just one category of entrepreneurship. My definition may not be widely accepted or understood right now, but my view of entrepreneurship is the ability to invest in something with an expectation of appreciation in value. It begins with investing in yourself and expands to ideas and opportunities far beyond your individual efforts. I believe we can start a new entrepreneurial movement if we are willing to expand these discussions from this new perspective.

You must start by recognizing who you are and the potential of the ideas in which you invest that are an extension of you. The next step is overcoming the innate fear that impedes the potential. Then consider all of the extensive possibilities that may evolve from your efforts and ideas. This is a key element that should never cease. Finally, take every step necessary to turn those possibilities into a reality. Educate yourself, research, prepare, plan, strategize, and take action. Most importantly, it all begins with you.

Find that entrepreneur in you and take advantage of the opportunities to invest in yourself and your ideas regardless of the risks of the undertaking. You may find that there is something inside of you and your ideas that you never imagined possible.


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  1. ebony says:

    Awesome and inspiring blog.

    I feel even more enourgaed.


  2. Alfred Moses says:

    I’m Alfred From India.

    I have read many explaining Entrepreneur, but this is revelation from above.

    God bless you brother

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