The Map to Entrepreneurship is designed to provide relevant and practical knowledge and information in the synergistic areas of business and law from a unique perspective of inspiration and motivation. this book will give a general understanding of how to design creative and profitable business strategies within the parameters of a complex business and legal environment. It enlightens entrepreneurs about the fundamental principles of doing business. The book is organized into five parts to highlight the key components that should be in the mind set of any entrepreneur throughout the entrepreneurial process.

The first three sections describe the strategy for ascertaining and developing the purpose, vision, and plan for any business venture. In the fourth section, it then details the areas of knowledge that provide the map for each business journey. Ultimately, this comprehensive approach will inspire and empower the entrepreneur to take action with persistence. The final step of taking action to achieve desired results is expounded upon on the fifth section of the book.

This is an essential tool for anyone who desires to develop and maintain businesses with concepts that will enable you to achieve success. It provides a clear view of the most significant areas an entrepreneur will encounter on your entrepreneurial journey. You will gain an invigorating understanding of the true meaning of entrepreneurship.


    • The Preview
    • The Journey Begins
    • A Journey With a Purpose
  • PLAN
    • A Blueprint for Success
  • MAP
    • Knowledge for the Journey
    • Business Organization
    • Corporate Finance
    • Commercial Finance
    • Commercial Transactions
    • Commercial and Business Disputes
    • Corporate Compliance
    • Corporate Transactions
    • ACTION
      • Success: The Journey Never Ends

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